Frequently Asked Questions

Followings are the typical questions at pacific painters we receive.

Q. Can use a latex brush for enamel paints?

A: Yes, depending on type and quality of the brush.

Q. How do I correctly apply wood stains?

A:I would start with a fine haired brush and also you could use a soft rag.

Q. How can I remove oil-based paint from my skin?

A: Depending if is wet paint you may use special hand cleaners or methylates and if the paint is dried, you may rob it off in the shower.

Q. What is varnish?

A: It's a clear liquid which is painted onto wood to protect, beautify and show the wood works natural look and graining.

Q. How do I pickle a wooden floor?

A: The stain or paint is rubbed into the pores of the wood and then let dry completely.

Q. How do I remove dried paint off my brushes?

A: In most cases, you cannot remove the dried paint off the brushes, but if you like to try, you may buy a type of solvent that you could put your paint brush in for a day or so to loosen the dried paint and wash the brush.

Q. How do I remove Water based paint off wood?

A: By the way of mechanical/electrical sanding.

Q. How do I get water based paint out of fabric?

A: You may get it off before it dries, you can use water and scrub it out. Then try a stain remover you could buy from your local hardware store.

Q. What type of paint should I use on my bathroom walls?

A:Use premium gloss or semi-gloss paint, Water based or oil based.

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