Frequently Asked Questions

Followings are the typical questions at pacific painters we receive.

Q: How can I add my name to a mailing list?

A: Depending type of the furniture, there are a variety of paint you could use, best see your local paint shop

Q. How can I clean stains/paint on concrete?

A:There are some really good products you can purchase... strong thinners/solvents, paint strippers

Q. What gets rid of the smell of paints/stains in a room that has just been painted/stained?

A: The room must be well-ventilated until the paint/stain is completely dry. Depending on the humidity... heaters/blowers can help.

Q: Where can I find ideas on special paint finishes?

A: We do most of the special paint finishes, but you could also Under Decorative paint finishes in the web.

Q. Could I strip latex wall paint from Formica cabinets?

A: Latex paints are water-based, you may be able to scrape it off with a sharp scraper, if it is not stock very hard to the Formica, you may damage the surface.

Q. Why should household paint be lead free?

A: Lead base paints are a serious health hazard. It can cause serious sickness and health problems, (kidney failure, pulmonary, cardiac disease, brain...

Q. What kind of paint should I use on an in ground pool?

A: There are a broad range of pool paint, you could use, see your local paint shop or pool paint suppliers.

Q. Is there a special type of paint for pools?

A: I think a waterproof pool paint/UV resistance would be a good idea.

Q. How would I paint a horizontal stripe my bedroom?

A: If you want to paint your bedroom cream with deep brown stripes for instance, first paint the walls cream and then you can use low adhesive making tapes (which does not take the paint off while you removing it) and paint the stripes ....

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