Frequently Asked Questions

Followings are the typical questions at pacific painters we receive.

Q. How would I paint a horizontal stripe my bedroom?

A: Depending type of the furniture, there are a variety of paint you could use, best see your local paint shop

Q. How do I remove dried latex paint from clothing?

A:Depending the material, some latex paint wash off but not 100%.

Q. What type of paint can I use on a plastic bird bath?

A: See your local paint shop, there some spray cans you could use.

Q. How do I get paint out of my carpet?

A: If that is a small spot, you can cut it out if it is only on top of the carpet. Also, there are some paint removers, see your local paint shop...

Q. Where can I find a pattern for painting a tree on an interior wall?

A: Try hobby stores for supplies and look around online.

Q. How can I mix paints to create my own custom colors?

A: Depending on what color you want. Generally speaking, needs a bit of practice....

Q. How do I get water-based paint out of upholstery?

A: Depending to the type of upholstery, sometime you could remove most of the paint, see your local hardware store.

Q. How do I paint over epoxy paint in a garage?

A: Depending the age and type of the epoxy, you may need special primer and paint for recoating.

Q. How much does it cost to paint exterior of an average house?

A: Depends to a lot of factors, such as surface preparation, colors, heights, etc. Your painter must have a look at your house and give you and estimate.

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