The most popular wood kitchen materials

Pine - a pale softwood with orange tones, straight grain and texture. It is most recognized the wood kitchen material of the Early colonial through to Georgian periods, yet can be adapted to both country and period kitchen designs.

Cherry - soft pores with a rich, deep red color similar to mahogany. It is significantly less expensive than mahogany, and can be used for very elegant backdrops.

Maple - a fine and tight wood grain with wavy wood patterns, making it ideal for painting. Although it can be easily damaged by light or moisture, it makes for a stunning wood kitchen look.

Oak - a hardwood with very distinctive graining that changes according the way it is cut - using a plain saw leaves a wide grain, whilst a quarter saw achieves a tighter and more distinctive grain. This wood kitchen material comes in white or red, and is highly suited to simple kitchen remodelling design, as a durable and lasting finish.

Mahogany - an open grain, dense hardwood with an attractive brown color - very posh!

Ash - a heavy hardwood that is perfect for giving your kitchen remodel extra character.

Birch - a fine grained hardwood with even texture, it is best suited to kitchen designs requiring fine type finishes.

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