Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Sydney Commercial Cleaners is specialised in cleaning internal or external windows of commercial buildings.

We are one of the leading cleaners of internal and external windows of residential buildings. We operate in Sydney and the neighbouring areas. We have several years of expertise under the belt.

As office cleaners Sydney we make sure that the windows are sparkling clean by the time we leave. Our professional approach helps us to address the problem in hand. We inspect the windows before cleaning so that we know what types of stains are there, the spots, visible marks and so on. We use the cleaning solutions in accordance with the condition of the window. At times, a mild solution is enough to get rid of the dirt. There is no need to spend hours cleaning the window unnecessarily. For us, client satisfaction is of utmost importance and we make sure that we offer high quality window cleaning services at all times. In addition to the cleaning of the glass, we also clean the frames, window tracks, glass awnings, fly screen and even the skylights so that you get an all round service.

Our comprehensive service include:
  • Cleaning of the window glass
  • Cleaning of window frames
  • Cleaning of window tracks
  • Screening of the fly screen


We have trained and skilled cleaners who are well versed with the different aspects of window cleaning services rendered. We offer high quality cleaning services at cost effective rates.