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Preventative Maintenance Check List

Required Facilities

Dwelling Units.

Shall contain its own tub or shower; lavatory, toilet; kitchen sink which shall be maintained in a sanitary and safe working condition. The lavatory shall be placed in the same room as the toilet or in close proximity. A kitchen sink shall not be used as a substitute for the required lavatory.

Rooming Houses.

At least one toilet, lavatory and tub or shower shall be supplied for each four rooming units.


Where private toilets, lavatories and baths are not provided, then one toilet, lay, and tub or shower having access for a public hallway shall be provided for each ten occupants.

Employee's Facilities.

A minimum of one toilet; lavatory, and drinking facility shall be available to employees but the drinking facility shall not be located in the bathroom.

Toilet Rooms


Location. Bathrooms serving hotel units, rooming units or dorm units, shall have access by transferring not more than one flight of stairs and shall have access from a common hail or passageway.

Location of Employee Toilet Facilities.

Toilet facilities shall have access from within the employees regular working area and not more than one story above or below and the path not to exceed 500 feet.

Water system

General. Every fixture shall be properly connected to an approved water system and shall be supplied with hot or tempered and cold running water as per the Plumbing Code.


The water supply shall be maintained free form contamination, and all water inlets for plumbing fixtures shall be located above the flood­level rim of the fixture. Hose connections shall be protected by an approved atmospheric­type vacuum breaker.


Shall be installed and maintained to provide a supply of water to fixtures in sufficient volume and pressures adequate to enable the fixtures to function properly, safely and free from defects and leaks.

Water Heating Facilities.

Shall be properly installed, maintained and capable of providing an adequate amount of water to be drawn at every required fixture at a temperature of not less than 110 degrees F. A gas­burning water heater shall not be located in any bathroom, bedroom, or other occupied room normally kept closed, unless adequate combustion air is provided. An approved combination temperature and pressure­relief valve discharge pipe shall be properly installed and maintained on water heaters.

Sanitary Drainage System


All plumbing fixtures shall be properly connected to either a public sewer system or to an approved private sewage disposal system.

Maintenance. Every plumbing stack, vent; waste and sewer line shall function properly and be kept free from obstructions, leaks, and defects.

Strom Drain

General. Drainage of roofs and paved areas, yards and courts and other open areas on the premises shall not be discharged in a manner that creates a public nuisance.

Mechanical and Electrica l Requirements


The provisions of this chapter shall govern the minimum mechanical and electrical facilities and equipment to be provided. Responsibility.

The owner of the structure shall provide and maintain mechanical and electrical facilities and equipment in compliance with these requirements. A person shall not occupy as owner­occupant or permit another person to occupy any premises which does not comply with these requirements.

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