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Preventative Maintenance Check List



Structures shall be kept free from insect and rodent infestation and exterminated if found.


Shall be responsible for extermination prior to renting or leasing.

Single Occupant. Shall be responsible for extermination on the premises of a one family dwelling.

Multiple Occupancy.

The owner shall be responsible for extermination in public or shared areas. the occupant shall be responsible for extermination if caused by failure to prevent infestation. Occupant.

Shall be responsible for continued rodent and pest­free conditions.

Light, Ventilation and Occupancy limitations


These provisions shall govern the minimum conditions and standards for light, ventilation, and space for occupying a structure.


Owner shall provide and maintain light; ventilation, and space conditions in compliance with these requirements and no person shall occupy any premises that do not comply with this code.

Alternative Devices.

In lieu of the means for natural light and ventilation prescribed, artificial light or mechanical ventilation complying with the International Building Code is permitted.


Habitable Spaces.

Every habitable space shall have at least one window of approved size facing directly to the outdoors or to a court with a minimum glazed area of 8% of the floor area.

Common Halls and Stairways.

Multi­family occupancies shall be lighted at all times with at least a least a 60 watt bulb for each 200 square feet of floor area,with a spacing not greater than 30 feet.

Other Spaces.

Shall be provided with natural or artificial light sufficient top the maintenance of sanitary conditions, and the safe occupancy of the space and utilization of the appliances, equipment and fixtures.

Vent ilat ion

Habitable Spaces.

Shall have at least one openable window in every habitable room equal to 45% of the minimum required glazed area.

Bathrooms and Toilet Rooms.

Shall comply with ventilation requirements for a habitable space, except that a window shall not be required in such spaces equipped with a mechanical ventilation system discharged to the outdoors.

Cooking Facilities.Shall not be present or permitted in any rooming or dormitory unit.

Process Ventilation. Shall be discharged to the outdoors to remove the contaminating agent at the source.

Clothes Dryer Exhaust. Shall be independent of all other systems by exhausting in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

Occopency Limitation

Privacy. Units shall be arranged to provide privacy and be separate from other adjoining spaces.

Minimum Room Widths.

A habitable room, other than a kitchen, shall not be less than 7 feet in any plan dimension. Kitchens shall have a clear passageway of not less than 3 feet between counter fronts and appliances or walls.

Minimum Ceiling Heights.

Habitable spaces, hallways, corridors, laundry areas, bathrooms, toilet rooms, and habitable basement areas shall have a clear ceiling height of not less than 7 feet (3 exceptions).

Bedroom limitation

Area for Sleeping Purposes. Every bedroom occupied by one person shall contain at least 70 square feet of floor area and every person more shall be an additional 50 square feet per occupant.

Access from Bedrooms. Bedrooms shall not constitute the only means of access to other bedrooms or habitable spaces and shall not serve as the only means of egress from other habitable spaces.

Water Closet Accessibility. Every bedroom shall have access to at least one water closet and one lavatory without passing through another bedroom. Every bedroom in a dwelling unit shall have access to at least one water closet and lavatory located in the same story as the bedroom or an adjacent story.

Prohibited Occupancy.

Kitchens and non­habitable spaces shall not be used for sleeping purposes.

Other Requirements. Bedrooms shall comply with all applicable provisions of this code.

Overcrowding. Dwelling units shall not be occupied by more occupants than permitted by the minimum area requirements. Efficiency Units. A unit occupied by only one occupant shall have a clear floor area of not less than 150 sq ft and a unit occupied by two occupants shall have a clear floor area of not less than 220 sq ft and three occupants shall have a clear floor area of not less than 320 sq ft. The unit shall be provided with a working space of 30 inches in front of the kitchen sink, cooking appliance, and refrigerator. The unit shall have a separate bathroom containing a toilet, lav, and a tub or shower. The maximum number of occupants shall be 3. There are special conditions for units of 150 sq ft clear floor area and only occupied by one person shall be specially permitted.

Food Preparation. Shall contain suitable space and equipment to store, prepare, and serve foods in a sanitary manner with adequate facilities and services for the sanitary disposal of food waste and refuse, including facilities for temporary storage.

Plumbing Facilities


This chapter shall govern the minimum plumbing systems, facilities and plumbing fixtures to be provided.


The owner shall provide and maintain such plumbing facilities and plumbing fixtures in compliance with these requirements. A person shall not occupy as owner­occupant or permit another person to occupy and structure which does not comply with these requirements.

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